History of art rewritten as archaeologists unearth 3,500-year-old carving of ancient Greek battle

The history of art has been rewritten after archeologists unearthed an astonishing 3,500 year old carving of an ancient Greek battle, depicting human bodies in anatomical detail which was thought way beyond the skill of Bronze Age artisans. In 2015, the tomb of the so-called ʽGriffin Warriorʼ was discovered near the ancient city of Pylos, southwest Greece, containing the remains of a powerful Myceneaen...
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The Dar Al Athar al Islamiyya in Greece

The Dar Al Athar al Islamiyya, one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the Middle East, running the Amrikani Museum and the Yarmouk Cultural Center in Kuwait, has chosen Greece and Culture Expeditions to operate a tour in Greece. The guests got to know the Islamic Heritage of the country, visit mosques and museums, taste the amazing Greek cuisine and enjoy a top quality holiday in...
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The BAS Kuwait in Greece

The British Academy of Sport (BAS) of Kuwait, organized another successful sports trip this time to Thessaloniki and Zagori in Greece. A group of 20 students and 3 teachers enjoyed a fun filled adventure holiday as part of their term break. The trip was for 5 days in the Zagori region which is a beautiful mountain resort with many traditional villages, deep canyons, gorges and stunning stone bridges...
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Restoration at the palace of Aigai in Vergina

Mosaic of the room E at the palace of Aigai in Vergina (350-340 B.C.), the heartland of the kingdom of Macedon. The ancient palace in Aigai is the biggest in Greece and till now was closed for restoration. The beautiful mosaics that are being uncovered are a sign of extreme wealth and power of the Macedonian kingdom.
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