MT Olympus Trek (4 Days)

The Greek Gods made their home on Olympus. It is the highest mountain in the country, which boasts the greatest concentration of flora and fauna, huge expanses of forest and the crystal clear waters of the Enipeas river. Above it all, soars the 2,917 m peak of Mytikas from where groups of mountaineers from across the globe, like Zeus, can survey the world. The forests mostly consist of fir and pine, with colorful stands of beech too.

The mountain also harbours some elusive Balkan chamois and wolves. Of the many birds of prey, Egyptian and griffon vultures, golden eagles, Peregrine and other falcons and various buzzards are found, while the magnificent Lammergeyer (or Bearded Vulture) with its 3-metre wingspan may be spotted. Ascents for individuals and groups usually take 3 days and they include overnights in high altitude shelters. Ascents can only be organized from May to October, due to heavy snowfall on the mountain, during the rest of the year

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