The Islands of the North Aegean (10 Days)

The North Aegean is a hidden treasure not known to most and is another world comparing to the touristic and more convenient South. Beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, fishing villages, excellent wines, a rich gastronomy and most of all, historical places and great archaeological sites: Ancient theatres, Hellenistic sanctuaries and Roman ruins and Byzantine and Genoese castles.  In ancient times, the North Aegean played a significant role on the commerce between the mainland and the islands, but also on the military campaign of the Mycenaeans against Troy. It was a major route between the Greek city-states and Asia Minor and this can be seen in the monuments of its islands. 
An exciting voyage of discovery for the archaeology and history buff,  that combines the leisure of a private cruise with a high quality cultural tour, unravelling the wonders and the rich cultural diversity of less visited Greek islands. 
There are some truly stunning islands to visit in the area, which are like no other to be found anywhere in the rest of the Aegean: The evergreen Thasos island with its ancient quarries, the dramatic Samothrace island with its millennia-old ruins, the beautiful Skyros island, the sacred wine producing Limnos island with its Neolithic settlements. Last but not least, the legendary Mt Athos with its centuries-old monasteries.

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