The Magic of Thrace (7 Days)

In Thrace there are castles and towers, bridges that date back to the Middle-Ages and villages built harmonically with the environment and the nature which surrounds them. Thrace is covered by virgin forests and its wildlife is the most varied in Europe. Here we'll see beautiful natural parks and the last jungles of Europe. While visiting Thrace we'll encounter monolithic monuments, beautiful archaeological sites - most of them unknown - , ancient cities lost in the midst of forests, or on sandy beaches.

Thrace is also the place where the Orphic mysteries of ancient times still survive as well as the oldest traditions in small communities and forgotten villages. Or that myths and mysteries still survive today? If you wish to taste the unique experience of the mysterious and enigmatic Thrace, far away from all the normal tours, join us to experience all the cultures that left their mark on this land, to live an incredible adventure in this unspoiled nature and return home with the very best of impressions!

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