Wine & Culinary North (5 days)

Travel through some of the most renowned Greek vineyards. Stop at celebrated wineries to sample your favourite wines right where they are produced. Meet the people who make them. Seek out the traditional products of each region's unique cuisine. You will be happily surprised to find tastes and aromas beautifully attuned to the locale. Combine a wine presentation and tasting with the Greek culinary and gastronomy. Enjoy the natural beauty along the Wine Roads of Northern Greece and explore the history that infuses the entire region, from archaeological sites to the wineries themselves, which are open to visitors. Discover restaurants, tavernas, local gourmet workshops and stores stocked with regional culinary specialties. The Wine Route of Northern Greece starts in Thessaloniki and spreads in the Macedonian heartland. The main factors contributing to the superior quality of the local award-winning wines are the region`s mild winters, the sun-blessed, yet cool summers and the biological care at the vineyards coupled with the limited yield (5,000-10,000 kg per hectare). While visitors are welcomed and told about the history of viticulture in the region and the estates, they can enjoy the delicious local cuisine, influenced by Ottoman and East European traditions.

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