Holy Summits Of Greece (12 days)

The Greek Gods made their home on Olympus. It is the highest mountain in Greece, which boasts the greatest concentration of flora and fauna, huge expanses of forest and the crystal-clear waters of the Enipeas river. Above it all, soars the 9,568ft summit of Mytikas from where groups of mountaineers, like Zeus, can survey the world. This excellent tour continues to Meteora, a sight that must be seen to be believed: Huge vertical rocks topped by middle-ages structures form a breathtaking sight. It's one of Greece's premier tourist attractions, and nothing can overpower the serenity and beauty of the setting. To round things up, we saved the best for last: Steep slopes, evergreen conifers, stone houses with slate and slanted roofs, stolid villagers in traditional clothing speaking a Latin-based language -- if this is true, you must be in Switzerland. But no, it's the Northwest part of Greece. This region is uniquely endowed with extraordinary natural beauty, vast temperate forest ecosystems, distinctive architecture, cultural wealth and the sheer romance of an ancient way of life. Deep canyons, bizarre rock formations, and gray stone and slate villages form a scenery rarely seen in the rest of the country; It seems that you are entering an enchanted kingdom.
Difficulty level : Easy to moderate

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