About us

In 1992 Culture Expeditions was created and the new tour operator started catering to North Americans visiting Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Holy Land. 

Culture Expeditions worked with universities and archaeological institutes in order to offer high standard tours in well known but also in less known places. Gradually we added new destinations such as Syria and Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, India and China.

In the mid-90s the company expanded its network of tours to Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. 

In 2000 we started our expeditions to Siberia, the Far East and Oceania.

Since then many things have changed. Culture Expeditions has expended its network of tours all over the planet. In recent years Culture Expeditions built a worldwide reputation, based in hard personal work and trustworthy partners.  

Hundreds of happy travelers from all over the World join our groups every year and most of them are loyal and book new tours with us. Their goal is to get in touch with unknown cultures and untouched nature. In some cases, Culture Expeditions groups are the only visitors and locals give them a warm welcome. We will never forget the moment we encountered an adulthood ritual of the Hammar tribe in Africa, or when we were invited in a traditional wedding in Turkey, or when we saw a funeral ritual in remote Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Even now, in some destinations such as the deserts of Chad, the jungles of Cameroon or the high passes of Kashmir, Culture Expeditions guests are the only westerners visiting the place. Culture Expeditions’ strong points are: The variety of our tours that go beyond the beaten track, since we include destinations usually avoided by major tour operators. The high quality of the tours, depending on the destination. The security provided by the strict E.U. laws concerning all tourism products. The reasonable cost.